Diary of a CMO
CMO services for startup growth

Tan Lay

Startup founders in today’s world don’t need a CMO. 
They just need CMO services.

About me

Writer, Director, Marketer

Born in South East Asia, I grew up in North West UK and currently live in Southern Finland. After studying Film Production in London, I began shooting and editing news and commercial content for local TV in Manchester. At the age of 30, I began a 3 year stint directing 25 episodes of popular teen soap Hollyoaks for Channel 4 UK.

In 2011, I moved to Helsinki and transitioned into digital marketing – creating video content through various agencies for clients such as Google Finland, S-ryhmä, Ilta Sanomat, Hard Rock Cafe, Santander and TCS Global.

In 2016 I worked with Ogilvy & Mather in Yangon creating social media marketing content for Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and Unilever.

Today, I bring my 15 years experience in storytelling and audio-visual communications to help startup founders define content strategies and achieve specific marketing goals.

‘Having all the brain power in the world is useless if you can’t communicate it.’
- Warren Buffet

the 1st thing I create

Clarity & Authenticity

Good marketing is the truth made fascinating. Neither part can be sacrificed: we have to be authentic as well as interesting.

the 2nd

Product Market Fit

PMF is the beginning of the journey, not the end. Sometimes it feels like cheating because we’re discovering what people want before we build it for them.

the 3rd

Visibility & Influence

Once the product is ready we launch the visibility campaign, right? Wrong! We start sharing generously as early as possible because life is all about giving.


Some questions you should ask!

You don’t, really. It’s 2021, you think you can do marketing yourself, and you’re probably right. But just because Mick Jagger can play the drums or the piano it doesn’t mean he should. He’s the lead singer. His time is best spent leading the band.

CMO as a service is delivered in 6 months blocks. Why 6 months?
Because that’s the minimum time needed to notice results from strategic projects.
We want to collect data / traffic over a long enough period of time to learn and grow.

Outside of CMO work, I can provide consulting services / training workshops on weekly or even daily engagements.

You can one or all of these things.

  1. Download the free 10 Day CMO Action Plan and see if it brings you positive change.
  2. Read one of my blog posts or watch a video to understand my approach to marketing and to see if you agree with my ethos.
  3. Sign up for a free personalised Business Review and Content Audit to discover if I see your company the same way you see it.

I’m based just outside of Helsinki, Finland.

Where you’re based doesn’t matter because I’m able to provide services internationally.

Ask me anything.